FD Gazelle award for Home & Garden Solutions

4 January 2021

Press release

Home & Garden Solutions received an FD gazelle award. 

For the first time Home & Garden Solutions, founded in 2017, and its operating companies, have been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands! This makes us FD Gazelle 2021. A prestigious prize for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Every year Het Financieel Dagblad organizes the FD Gazellen. Only companies that go faster than all others in turnover, personnel and profit could qualify. The criteria include revenue growth in the previous three years of at least 20%, with the last year being profitably closed.

Growth & ESG

We are very proud that we have been able to reach more and more homes and households across Europe with our qualitative ‘home and garden solutions’. Enriching and improving the home experience and lifestyle of many with our gardenrooms, veranda’s, shutter, screens and sunshade products.

At the core of our growth focus is our ambition and responsibility for sustainable business practices, neutralizing our CO2 footprint, base our material use on circular principles and create transparency in our supply chain. This ambition is supported by a Holding-wide ES&G commitment with joining the UN Global Compact charter and will be an integral part of our policy, every employee and our external stakeholders can make important contributions here. Please follow our progress in our ESG blog.