Environmental, Social, Governance

Home & Garden Solutions strives to ensure that our companies make a positive contribution to society and our world. To this end, we drive our companies to respond proactively to challenges involving the environment, climate and resources, to comply with all regulations and to be a reliable  and responsible employer.

In line with that priority, we have developed an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy to advance sustainability, develop circular business operations and create positive social impact. We will start to report on our activities regularly.

Sustainability and the circular economy

Sustainability in our business means reducing pressure on natural resources, advance climate neutrality and bring halt to biodiversity loss while creating sustainable growth and jobs.

We act on the materials we use, how products are designed, encouraging sustainable consumption, how waste is prevented and resources re-used, with a strong focus on healthy people in a healthy environment.



Initiatives are being developed in three fundamental streams: Products & Materials, Energy, and People.

Would you like to find out more about what this looks like in practice? Keep checking the news in our ESG Blogs below for updates on our upcoming initiatives.

Products / materials